The CI - Alcor straddle and how to prevent it

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The CI - Alcor straddle and how to prevent it

Post by » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:39 pm

One of the concerns that has been raised about eliminating grandfathering at Alcor is that it (further) encourages young people to take out a substantial life insurance policy, make cryonics arrangements at CI (where annual dues are much lower) and SA, and switch to Alcor when their income situation has improved and their chance of dying has increased. As a matter of fact, I know a number of people who reason in such a matter.

Assuming that Alcor prefers to be a growing organization with loyal members there a number of steps Alcor could consider to prevent such a CI - Alcor straddle:

1. Reduce annual membership dues by cutting costs and focusing on the essentials. R&D and PR projects can be funded from targeted donations and bequests.

2. Terminate compulsory standby (and the associated CMS dues) to give members more flexibility over their standby arrangements and annual dues.

3. Make long-term Alcor membership rewarding by reducing membership dues for long-time Alcor members.

Exchanges on this forum strongly indicate that many Alcor members consider the combined annual dues (membership and CMS) too high. Terminating grandfathering without making changes somewhere else in the system is likely to produce more membership cancellations and departures to other cryonics organizations.


Re: The CI - Alcor straddle and how to prevent it

Post by southbay » Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:22 pm

I am one of those. Frankly, I thought $360 was a fairly high annual dues amount, but I tolerated it as other choices were not plentiful. I suspect it will be very hard for Alcor to rethink itself to cut fees as much as they need to.

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